Lab Three: Tools for Advocacy within Journalism and Social Media (Ten Weeks)
Learning Goals
Attend Q&A sessions with industry professionals from broadcasting, specifically from newspapers, podcasting studios, and screenwriting guilds.
Reproduce their fundamental skill-sets in weekly sessions dedicated to the making of advocacy-focused editorials, essays, podcasts, and even a brief screenplay.
1. What Stories Do the Brain
WEEK ONE: Storytelling from a Neurological and Psychological Standpoint
WEEK TWO: Who Needs Words? Tales of Social Change in the Entertainment Industry using Visuals Alone
WEEK THREE: Effective Storytelling and Data in Entertainment
WEEK FOUR: How to Be Heard Online. How to Build an Audience in Healthcare
2. Journalism and Medicine: Better Writing for Superior Caregiving
WEEK FIVE: “Post-Paper” Journalism and Evidence-Based Stories
WEEK SIX: How to Listen… and Then Retell a Patient’s Story for Mobile-First Magazines
WEEK SEVEN: How to Write a Powerful Op-Ed on Health Issues
3. Studio Workshops. Making Better Messages with Affordable Tech
WEEK EIGHT: Radio and Podcasting. How to Make and Publish Superior Media
WEEK NINE: Screenwriting 1: How to Write Better Drama
WEEK TEN: Screenwriting 2: How to Pitch Better Drama
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